You receive an email and hear the announcement ' Hello this is Fred, please read immediately the mail.' After loading the mail a document containing the message is opened. After closing the mail the video as announced in the mail is played.

You want to send a confidential message to your colleague. You just need to input a password and the mail will automatically be encrypted. Only your colleague, knowing the password will be able to open the message.

You have a file of several hundred megabytes and want to send it by mail to your colleague for further processing. Using the FTP object there are no problems to send and receive the file.

You want to remember your friend of a private meeting. Send him a schedule object which will automatically play a voice message one hour before he leaves office at the scheduled day: "Hi Fred, remember the meeting tonight.'

This and much more is the new world of email: ActiveMail
           Some objects of the new technology : ICON   SECURE   FTP   VIDEO   AUDIO   ....   read more